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mosi2 heating elements

mosi2 heating elements
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mosi2 heating elements

                                                                                                        MoSi2 Heating Elements

Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating element is a kind of resistance generate-heating component which made from MoSi2. It is used in high temperature in the oxidizing atmosphere, It can resist oxidization in high temperature. It is used in the temperature up to 1800℃ in oxidizing atmosphere. The types of our products are Pole, "U", "W" and "U"-right angle shapes, etc..
MoSi2 heating element can be used in the furnace which temperature from 1300℃ to 1800℃. It is wildly used in the industries of metallurgy, glass, ceramic refractory, crystal electronic device, industrial furnace manufacture, etc.

MoSi2 heating element
The types of our products are Pole, "U", "W" and "U"-right angle shapes, etc
The types of our products: 3/6 type, 4/9 type, 6/12 type, 9/18 type, 12/24 type
According to your demands
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